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Permanent Staffing
The Staffers offers training and development service for the clients interested in getting their employees trained in IT and interpersonal skills. We have been at the forefront of transformational skills development for over a couple of years. We can help you maximise the forte of your people by introducing them to the most advanced skills in the market.

Permanent Staffing

Permanent Staffing- Human capital is the real asset and power for any organisation. For the fulfilment of need for these assets, our team will help you to the best extent possible. The lined up candidates have to pass a comprehensive screening process. Give us a chance to meet your requirements for permanent staffing.

Benefits of our Permanent Staffing Service

  • Analysing Client Requirements
  • Screening/ Hunting Matching Resource
  • First Round Interview with Candidate
  • Verify Experience, Position, Salary, References
  • Second Round Interview with Clients
  • Salary Negotiation

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Services Overview

As the manager who needs to hire new recruits, you know the value of talented people. The Staffers understands your challenges and understands that in today's marketplace, locating and securing good employees is as difficult as ever.

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